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Monday, October 02, 2006

Oracle Applications

Hello all,

Oracle Applications or Oracle apps which is how it is widely known is a collection of a number of modules each aimed at specific business requirement. A business case would in most cases mean involvement of more than one oracle modules that interact with each other. Now am i writing all these stuff on my blog? The answer is simple.Oracle apps has been my first love, in the sense that, it has been my first project in my software career. Well i am working on a specifc module on oracle apps called the oracle configurator that interacts with various other modules. It is pretty powerful module and i hope to explore more of this module and oracle apps in the coming future.
Watch this space for more of oracle apps articles. Till then keep blogging!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Youth Power

Hello all,

Ever thought of defining 'youth power'. The thought came to my mind and i thought the best way to comment and ask for people comments is to put it on my blog. For me its a force powerful enough to bring about a revolution and this thread is dedicated to all those youths who in some way have contributed in making this world a better place.
So please leave in comments and long live this thread!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Youth Addiction

Youth Addiction

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Earn money with Google

Hello all,

Just came across this and thought would share this information. Google has something called Adsense program that allows you to advertise on your sites like the ones you find on my blog and earn money from the same. So all you guys need to get started is click on Adsense button on my home page,sign for a adsense account and after approval, you are all set to start earning from home. Aint that some good piece of information.
Please feel free to leave comments.

Best Way to download Music N Movies

Hey all,

Even with advancement in technologies, things that continue to entertain us are still the same i.e, Music N Movies. However the means to access them has changed and has become a lot easier.
All you need is a good broadband connection at home and you could be watching new releases at home. So let me tell you the best way to download any kind of music and movies.
Have you ever heard of torrent sites. If not just type in 'torrent' in the search box provided in the home page. After you have done some reading all of what i say now will start making more sense.
Torrent sites generally have a large collection of music,movies,applications and other stuff in the form of a .torrent file. You will have to download the file and a torrent client that can open this torrent file and start the download file.
Once this is done, your job is done.Wait for the download depending on the size of the file and thats it!!!
Some of my favourite torrent sites
and client would be bitcomet that is a freely downloadable software.
Happy downloading and feel free to leave your comments.

Music Mania


As mentioned in my previous post, this blog is dedicated towards compiling information in one place for easy access and this is my first step towards it.
I have never come across a person in my lifetime who is not a music lover!! We all music isnt it, in fact something without which life seems not to be happening.
My intention here is to place ads and links that would lead you to find the right kind of music.
And like any moderator would say, you are free to post your views.
Keep rocking!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Administrator Words

Hello!! Welcome to As the name is suggestive this is all about youth and their needs.
Well my intention of coming up with this blog was to provide a paltform where a young person would find all the necessary information rather than finding them in pieces in various sites.
This truely is a one stop for Music, Movies,Jobs, Web Search and other information.

So hope you enjoy your stay in my blog.Just 2 words for everyone YOUTH ROCKS!!